Activists marching in a climate strike outside the Swedish parliment.


Week of Action for Social and Climate Justice

The network for the week of action taking place in September 2023 has created - and follows - the values below, both in terms of actions and events during the week and in terms of how we work with each other.

System change

The starting point for the network’s activities is the pursuit of intersectional climate justice. This means that we see the climate crisis holistically and understand the need for a system change. It takes into account the planetary boundaries while addressing the mutually reinforcing ecological and social crises.
For this to become a reality, it is necessary to work against all oppressive systems and structures that reinforce and are reinforced by the climate crisis – and to work for a world free from oppression and domination, where equality and peace, in harmony with the ecosystems, prevail.
The climate crisis must be treated as a crisis, which means addressing the systems that have led to it. Those who have contributed least to the climate crisis are the ones who it is affecting the most.

Resistance and transition

Our resistance gives us the space to actively create the transition, that is, to work on nurturing the equitable social and ecological relations that enable care for each other and nature, and a dignified life within the planetary boundaries. Within the network, we understand that both resistance and a regenerative, nurturing transformation are needed.


In order to combat the climate crisis and create the society we want, we need to connect environmental struggles with anti-racism, decolonization, anti-fascism, feminism, a critical attitude towards unsustainable and exploitative economic systems, and other resistance movements against oppression – and develop joint analyses and actions. When these issues are combined, we gain a deeper understanding of why the crises exist, who benefits from them today, and what is needed to create the society we need.

Non-party political affiliation

Both the network and the initiative are non-partisan. This means that we do not take a stand for any specific political party. However, it is welcome to criticize all parties and their policies and take a stand on political issues.

Deeper understanding

We let the values in their entirety permeate our actions, events and communication with each other, and see that both justice and ecology are core parts of our actions within the network. We recognize that working for climate justice implies more than the concepts we use. We aim to integrate into our struggle a deeper understanding of what climate justice is both theoretically and practically. We take on the creative challenge of shaping actions with this as our roots, trunk and foliage – regardless of the movements, groups, methods and tactics we use outside of the network.

Diversity and communication

The above principles will be put into practice in how we work in the network and communicate together. We also understand that we are a diversity of movements and organizations working with a diversity of methods towards the same goal, and respect all democratic, responsible and non-violent means, as long as they are otherwise within the scope of these values.
We value curiosity, humility, learning and caring in our work with each other, and we are open to feedback, which we give with care. Our diversity is our strength, and we all have something to learn from and with each other.