Activists marching in a climate strike outside the Swedish parliment.

Week of Action

For Social and Climate Justice

Over 100 organisations, groups and movements calls for a week of action for social and climate justice between 15 - 22 September 2023

A network of grassroots movements, groups and organisations is calling for a week of action for social and climate justice from 15 to 22 September.

“Everyone is needed, everyone is welcome. We are addressing ourselves to all those who take the social and ecological crises seriously, are concerned and want to act. We need to team up!”

The organisers encourage everyone - solidarity networks, school classes, action groups, sports clubs, grassroots movements, trade unions, and individuals and groups from all parts of society - to participate. They can organise their own actions, strikes, workshops, civil disobedience actions, mass demonstrations, lectures, art projects, social events and so on. Everyone is invited to find their own way to act. Furthermore, the first Friday of the week coincides with the global climate strike on September 15.

The Week of Action recognises that social justice and climate justice are closely linked. “We cannot solve the climate crisis without addressing social injustice; and vice versa”.
Therefore, the week of action is based on an intersectional set of values, including anti-racism, feminism and ecological justice perspectives, to work together in a non-partisan network. The network will use a variety of democratic, responsible and non-violent practices.

“We want to work together to transform the system for a dignified life within the planetary boundaries.”

To join the network and participate as a group or movement, contact us via the contact details on this page. Everyone who agrees with our shared values is welcome to plan their own activities and actions within the framework of the network.

“We must become a united force. We no longer accept silence and excuses, suffering and injustice! We need society as a whole to treat these interconnected crises as crises.”

In Sweden, amongst other groups the following movements and organisations are involved: Fridays For Future, People For Future, Extinction Rebellion, Black Lives Matter, faith groups, MotherĀ“s rebellion, Greenpeace, Scientists For Future and many more.

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